Steven Hope
Senior E-Commerce Adviser
U.K. Trade & Investment

Steven is the Senior Digital Trade Adviser at UK Trade & Investment, where he provides digital and e-commerce expertise to retailers as part of UKTI’s e-Exporting Programme. Steven specialises in delivering advice, workshops and strategy for navigating the opportunity rich, but complex Chinese ecommerce landscape. Steven is a serial entrepreneur and has a wide experience of mentoring businesses. Steven trained as an accountant and has extensive experience setting up and running several businesses within the clothing industry both online and offline . He set up a business in China in the early 1990’s , where he lived for some years. With a background in international trade and building and running a business for 30 years including the establishment of an online market research business 15 years ago he is helping businesses develop effective e-commerce strategies.

UKTI’s e-Exporting Programme is dedicated to helping UK’s businesses benefit from the global demand for British goods and services through online channels.