Nuno Pinto

Nuno Pinto
Founder & CEO

Just after 10 years of launching an highly sucessfull insurance broker in Portugal, Nuno has decided to take some risks and to found KIDE – a mobile first curated marketplace for baby and kids fashion designers. KIDE is the result of several years of dreams and brainstorming, and aims to become the leading platform of independent fashion for baby and kids.

Success needs team effort and resilience, and our KIDEĀ“s team is devoted to bring the most unique, ethically produced and high standard fashion to the house of produs mums, especially on a mobile device. Currently on the #3 Acceleration Program of Startup Braga, one of the most respected programs in Portugal, KIDE is now working on the launch of a new IOS App version, with some innovations and special features.

Nuno has a creative mindset and his background ranges from strategic management, to business developing, carved with a master in International Business and an on-going PHD on marketing and strategy, allways with the desire to change the world and challenge himself on a daily basis.

Along with other collaborations, mentoring, consultancy, Nuno is the current CEO of KIDE and words like fashion, tech, innovation, personalization, mobile user experience, retention, relevance are now the focus of his attention.

Feel free to join us in the skyrocket flight of KIDE! You are welcome aboard.