Top 5 Rising E-Commerce Brands in Europe


April 12, 2016

Consumers are leading increasingly busy lives so it is no surprise that the ease and convenience that e-commerce retailers provide has made online shopping the norm. The emergence of e-commerce has created a global market in which customers are no longer restricted by geography, and allowed start-up brands an opportunity to launch into traditionally expensive industries. With new fashion and beauty companies emerging daily, it’s almost impossible to keep up with every single one. Here are the top five rising e-commerce brands in Europe to look out for:


1) Bagsy

Created with the intention of designing a beauty line that is as practical as it is pretty, Bagsy is an online cosmetics brand designed for girls on the go. This British born company sells must-have beauty essentials that are specially designed to fit compactly inside a woman’s handbag.

The line of Bagsy cosmetics was launched by a collection of women with a passion for make up and years of experience in the cosmetics industry. After years of developing products for beauty giants, the brand decided to create its own line. Bagsy has a strong sense of social responsibility and ensures that all products are free of parabens, and that there is absolutely no testing done on animals. These playfully pretty cosmetics are sweeping social media and quickly gaining the attention of the European beauty industry.


2) Navabi

Self-described as the Net-a-Porter of the plus-sized fashion world, Navabi is an online luxury retailer for a niche with little representation. Founded in Germany in 2007, a recent surge in funding allowed founders Zahir Dehnadi and Bahman Nedaei to expand Navabi’s market and it’s quickly gaining global momentum.

Plus-size consumers have traditionally been left out of the high-end fashion industry but now is the perfect time to change that. The plus-size womenswear market has grown 45 percent over the last five years, three times as much as the womenswear market overall, and Navabi has effectively stepped in to fill the gap. The online retailer now carries over 100 brands in styles from size 40 to 56 and has experienced a sales growth in recent years of an average of 120 percent per year.

IDUN Minerals

3) IDUN Minerals

The beauty industry has looked to more natural products in the last few years, ones that we feel safer putting on our skin. IDUN Minerals is a Swedish mineral makeup line that uses purified minerals of the highest quality in an effort to ensure harmony between our bodies and the products we use on them. Named after the Nordic Goddess Idun, who is told to have eternal youthful beauty thanks to a supply of magical apples, the brand ensures that their cosmetics are as pure as the Goddess’s source, containing no artificial ingredients or even natural impurities.

What sets this natural beauty brand apart from most is its ultra chic packaging – black lacquer and lucite, embellished with paintings of Idun by famed Italian artist, Patrizia Gucci. The attention to detail and passion for making natural beautiful has garnered this up-and-coming cosmetics brand much deserved attention from beauty editors. Currently, IDUN Minerals’ webstore only ships within Sweden but promises to expand throughout Europe in the very near future.


4) Unmade

At first glance, there isn’t anything cutting edge about knitwear but e-commerce brand Unmade, with its team of physicists and computer scientists, are proving quite the opposite. Not your grandmother’s jumpers and scarves, this online brand allows customers to design their own knitwear and “print” clothes to order.

Based in London, Unmade was founded when three former industrial design students had the idea of creating a coding that could power knitting machines, essentially turning them into 3D printers. By enabling consumers to design and then print their knitwear, Unmade has redefined the customer experience and brought customization to a whole new level.


5) Showroom

Online fashion marketplaces are gaining momentum as consumers continue to shift from browsing department stores to shopping online. Showroom is the European e-commerce version of Saks, curating a selection of independent designers under one digital roof.

Upon launching in 2012, this Polish based company quickly expanded after Burda International – the magazine publishing powerhouse behind Elle – bought a 25 percent stake in the company. Since, this online retail startup has become the largest marketplace of indie fashion in Europe, having collected over 400 labels. Global expansion is on the near horizion for Showroom as the brand gains international attention.

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