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April 26, 2016

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One of the most attractive things about e-commerce is being able to reach customers from all over the world without the geographical restraints of traditional storefronts. But welcoming international visitors can present some challenges. It’s no surprise that consumers prefer to purchase from websites that are presented to them in their own language and currency, even if they happen to speak English as a second language. To optimize the experience for these visitors, online retailers are turning to localization solutions for their business. Moravia is one of the industry leaders in providing these solutions for its clientele.

Since 1990, Moravia has been offering translation, testing, and localization services that have enabled their clients to successfully enter global markets. It’s been named one of Europe’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies list and represents several Fortune 500 companies including Gap Inc., Nike, iTunes, and adidas. This localization services tycoon is based out of Brno, Czech Republic, and employs over 1,100 individuals from across the world. Bringing in revenues upwards of $130 million, Tomas Kratochvil, CEO of this privately owned firm, is clearly leading Moravia in the right direction.

At his side, heading the Moravia marketing team is Chief Marketing Officer, Renato Beninatto. With over 25 years of experience holding executive-level positions at various companies in the localization industry, and the authority in authoring two global business books, Beninatto brings with him the skills and knowledge to effectively manage the team of such a prominent company. His guiding strategies focus on driving global scale and growth, and he understands what needs to be done to make businesses successful in a global market. Since joining the Moravia team, Beninatto has successfully identified opportunities for vertical growth and reaffirmed the company’s position in the market, leading to an average organic growth rate of 30% per year.

What really sets the company apart is that, rather than operating as a contacted or consultation firm, Moravia’s business approach is to understand their clients’ business culture so that they may operate as a natural extension of that brand. With this strategy, Moravia can ensure that all work seamlessly reflects the represented client. The company also applies a pioneering business model in which they centralize all the non-linguistic back-office functions in affordable regions. By choosing to operate in smart, cost-effective locations, Moravia can offer its clients both near-shore and offshore globalization solutions, unique to the industry. It’s no wonder why a Silicon Valley consumer electronics giant called Moravia “the best-kept secret in the industry.”

Global E-Commerce

Among its long list of services, Moravia excels at translating and localizing everything from software user interface and user help systems, to marketing materials and product documentation, in over 120 languages. Moravia also uses language technology to increase productivity for clients by reducing turnaround times and the costs associated with localization. It offers testing in internationalization, linguistics, automation, and functionality, and can be called upon for community moderation and content management. When launching localization efforts to attract a global market, more than just language translation needs to be considered. To be successful, brands must also look at multi-language SEO, implementing A/B testing to determine the preferences of those in different regions, and mobile localization among many other factors. The services that Moravia offers presents clients with a multi-faceted, well-rounded localization strategy that sets up the online retailer for success.

For e-commerce businesses looking to expand into international markets but lacking experience, Moravia is an ideal solution where, in this booming industry, guidance from an established expert is invaluable.

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