How Lancôme’s New Website Enhances the Customer Experience


June 15, 2016

The ecommerce beauty industry is competitive and constantly changing. To stay on top, even the world’s most recognized brands have to evolve and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of their platforms. Global cosmetics giant, Lancôme, recently revamped their website with an update that pioneers a new industry standard. Named as the beauty brand with the highest digital IQ by L2 magazine, part of this global leader’s success can be attributed to its relentless focus on enhancing the ecommerce experience for its online shoppers. The new website, powered by Edgecase Product Intelligence Platform, is aimed to personalize the customer experience and make it more relevant for each customer.

The Edgecase platform offers online storefronts the chance to adapt to the language that individual shoppers are using when searching for products. While localization ensures that the web pages are enhanced in the language of the shopper’s region, Edgecase takes it a step further and acts as a human interpreter. The platform understands that customers aren’t searching for new products by industry terms, but rather in words that make sense to them. In place of tagging products with retailer-speak, the system labels items with vocabulary that’s relevant to the consumer. Through this enriched product data, Lancôme’s website has an entirely new layer of product attribution.

The revamping of each product’s descriptions and tags will make the website more adaptive to each customer’s voice. For example, if a visitor to the Lancôme website is looking for a new foundation, they may search by their skin tone. A pale shopper is likely to search for just that, or “light”, “peach”, or maybe “fair.” But Lancôme’s experts have tagged the matching product with industry jargon and these shades are labeled “porcelain” and “blush.” The shopper’s search doesn’t match the product’s attributes and it turns up with no results. Frustrated, the customer navigates away from the Lancôme website and takes her search elsewhere. Alternatively, the new Edgecase platform, focused on customer language rather than retailer-speak, will more easily pull up products that suit that shopper’s needs because of the more robust product attribution in a language that everyday consumers will understand.

There are a few key focal areas that the new Edgecase platform will be targeting. The system will first aim to cleanse and enrich the product data for every cosmetic so that it best highlights the interesting and unique attributes of each product. Edgecase will listen to consumers’ interactions with the brand to better understand how its shoppers think about the products they’re looking for. It will pay special attention to the language used and the product qualities they want in their products. Leveraging this new understanding, Edgecase works to develop a more impactful attribution strategy. With this insight, shoppers visiting the Lancôme website can now shop only hypoallergenic products, or filter cosmetics by their skin tone. Lastly, Edgecase acts as interpreter and applies vocabulary preferences to each product’s taxonomy to ensure that it will turn up in search results. Each of these strategies will work together to create an enriched shopping experience that is bound to meet the unique needs and preferences of every single shopper.

Lancôme’s aim with this newest update was to create an online experience that mimics the in-store shopping experience. The new, longer product attributes and focus on customer language will ensure that each shopper can more easily find what they’re looking for, ultimately driving them to purchase. In promising that even the smallest aspects of their online storefront aligns with its customers’ needs, Lancôme is bridging the gap between what its customers are looking for and what they will find.

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