Fashion Delivered Daily: Amazon’s Foray Into Fashion


May 31, 2016

When one thinks of Amazon, fashion isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind. Books? Certainly. Baby diapers? If that suits your needs. Amazon is known as a catch all for life’s necessities. If your heart desires an item, Amazon will have it, and at a better price than any other game in town. Until now, Amazon has only dipped a toe into the realm of fashion; offering a variety of other brands, but none of their own. Now the unconventional and innovative retail juggernaut, is foraying headfirst into fashion.

To start, Amazon has released a staggering 1,800 products. The line encompasses everything from women’s clothing and accessories to children’s clothing to men’s dress apparel, all of which span seven private Amazon owned labels. Labels that fall under the Amazon umbrella include: North Eleven, James and Erin, Franklin Tailored, Franklin and Freeman, Scout and Ro, Lark and Ro and Society New York.

In addition to launching a bevy of retail items, Amazon has also created an online web series known as “Style Code Live.” The free 30 minute show streams live on each weekday at 9 pm ET. The goal of the show is to involve women and men in the world of fashion by offering style and beauty advice, as well as a live chat feature. What sets this web series apart is the brilliant product carousel system, which will show viewers the items discussed or featured in each show so that they can be purchased on Amazon also announced that it will be airing a free reality show called “The Fashion Fund” which chronicles up and coming designers, whose items will then be sold on the site.

Amazon views its spectacular jaunt into fashion in the same vein it viewed the arrival of Amazon Basics. A system that allowed the site to sell home-brand electronics. With these labels and a QVC style fashion show, Amazon will supply products and services that other sellers are incapable of providing to Amazon’s massive 300 million customers. The site is no stranger to the fashion industry. In 2006, Amazon acquired Shopbop and has slowly been accumulating smaller fashion ventures ever since. Creating a presence in fashion has been a slow build for Amazon, but it’s beginning to pay off. Some insiders are estimating that based on sales and customer base, Amazon is set to be the number one apparel seller in the US by 2017.

Amazon stands to gain a fortune if their fashion venture takes off. The $250 billion dollar a year fashion industry in the US is ripe for e-commerce and Amazon is expected to surpass Macy’s in clothing sales by the close of 2016. Being an online only store, Amazon will enjoy higher margins and profits with their private label than it does being a front for larger brands, as it did in previous years. If Amazon can maintain their sense of innovation, strong product sensibility, and offer basic, fast fashion, and high end choices, they will capitalize on a strong e-commerce market that is marked by relevance and convenience.

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