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January 21, 2016

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We’ve seen a couple of different things happen this week in the fashion industry. H&M was forced to remove a scarf from their collection because of a controversial pattern. American Apparel stands to recover from the brink of a takeover, if one exception is accepted by the shareholders of the brand. Also, Vogue sat down with L’Oreal’s newest ambassador to cover topics ranging from beauty to pay inequality.

Leonardo DiCaprio thanked his makeup artist after winning a global for his lead role in the movie: The Revenant. Finally, the Claridge hotel has got something very special planned for its 100 year anniversary.

The H&M Scarf Controversy

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that H&M have been forced to remove a product from their lines for it pushing the boundaries of Jewish tradition. In 2014 H&M was forced to withdraw a shirt that featured the star of David with a skull superimposed over it. Apparently, failing to learn from this mistake, H&M have started marketing a scarf that some consumers complain bears too much resemblance to the Tallit, which is a Jewish prayer shawl. The chain has already pulled the scarf from certain markets and assures its customers that only limited quantities will be available before it sells out. Hopefully this is the final time that H&M have to make this particular mistake.

HM Scarf-Subimity

American Apparel Gets a Second Chance

The Chain American Apparel has been struggling financially to meet its bottom line, and some bondholders have had enough. Both the Hagan Capital Group and the Silver Creek Capital Partners have offered American Apparel a $300 million dollar investment. An investment with a string attached: they want the brand’s founder, Dov Charney, to be reinstated.

The investment firms believe that it was his creativity and inspiration that led the brand to be a success in the first place. It remains unclear whether or not the bondholders of American Apparel will accept the money or not. Although, given that the $300 million dollar infusion would guarantee that their investments are returned in full, they may see it as a very tempting offer.

Vogue and Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon has become L’oreal’s newest ambassador and in this interview she talks on a wide array of different subjects. One of the main points that she likes to get across is that L’oreal ambassadors tend to have a much richer life that revolves around more than just being the most beautiful version of themselves that they can be. She also talks about her own skincare regime and how it feels to be turning 70. If you’re interested in learning more about fashion, makeup, or her acting career, this interview is a must read.

Susan Sarandon Flott Online

Leonardo DiCaprio and his Makeup Artist

When an actor wins an award it’s common for them to thank the people who’ve helped them to get it. However, what’s less common is the shout out that Leonardo DiCaprio gave after winning a Golden Globe for his lead performance in the movie: Revenant. Along with thanking friends and family, he also gave a big shout out to his makeup artist: Sian Grigg. This unusual move indicates that Grigg played an instrumental role in the movie and that Leonardo was very happy with her work. Surely such an awesome reference will help Grigg to secure even more work in the future.

Revenant Independent Co UK

The Claridge Hotel Turns 100

Over the years the Claridge hotel has hosted a variety of distinguished guests, and it has had it’s annual Christmas tree decorated by the likes of Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana. To celebrate their 100 year anniversary, the hotel plans to offer a one night stay, breakfast at the Art Deco Mayfair residence, and more goodies that will entice any fashion minded individual. British Vogue and the Claridge Hotel have teamed up to offer this exclusive package, and you can secure it for 650 pounds.

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