Daniel Bobroffs
Founder & CEO
FashionTech Ventures


Daniel has a career of 25+ years as a technology innovator, pioneer, entrepreneur and investor with an extensive body of published work. He is the first person ever to sell commercial advertising within video games, a games developer with millions of retail sales and, today, one of the leading figures in the emerging arena of FashionTech.

Daniel was first acknowledged for “selling Sonic to the Admen” in describing his work as the creator and pioneer of in-game advertising, one of the first digital channels and now a billion-dollar worldwide advertising medium. He started his first digital advertising agency is 1990 and worked with numerous global brands to create interactive advertising campaigns, the first of their kind, for hundreds of games.

He built and ran international game development studios, creating hit game titles within the extreme sports genre. Across his videogame career, he achieved over fifty million retail sales.

He has subsequently founded and invested in many software businesses in areas as diverse as virtual reality, mobile apps, SaaS, e-commerce and ad-tech.

More recently, Daniel joined ASOS to create ASOS Ventures, its corporate venture capital arm, establishing a leading position for it as a partner of choice for promising fashion technology companies. He has scouted the globe for FashionTech talent and built one of its widest networks.

He is a frequent speaker internationally on FashionTech, the rapid disruption to fashion’s value chain brought about by the impact of technology, and shares his vision on how an emerging Gen-Z customer will demand an increasingly personal, immediate, unique and experiential relationship with fashion in a constantly evolving mobile and omnichannel world.